Category: Invoicing

Late payments and how to charge for them

    Interest on late payments Interest on late paymentsLate payments create cash flow problems and can increase the risk that you will not be paid at all. Using your legal right to claim interest from late-paying customers can encourage customers to pay on time. – The statutory right to interest and compensation applies to… Read more »

Card payments and consumer laws

Lots of farriers now accept card payments as it’s a lot more reliable than BACS. This however means there is an additional fee generally around 1.5-2% for having this service Raising the prices of all of your products and services would be acceptable as the running cost of your business would have increased but charging… Read more »

Invoicing and cashflow

    I remember not that long back when there were two options for receiving payments; 1, cash and 2, cheque. Of course, the odd cheque would bounce but that was less than 10% of all payments received, one thing it meant was that I had a cash tin full at the end of the… Read more »