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Communication between professionals = business opportunities

  So next time your client comes to you and says their riding instructor said their horse isn’t shod the way it should be let’s not lose our shit. At the end of the day this is a potential business opportunity.   It’s really frustrating when you turn up to shoe your client’s horse’s and… Read more »

Safeguarding – what you need to know

Working as farriers it important that we understand safeguarding both for adults and children. We are often surrounded by children under the age of 18 and it is very important that we take the correct protocol to ensure the safety of them and protection of us and our reputation. The Working Together to Safeguard Children… Read more »

Card payments and consumer laws

Lots of farriers now accept card payments as it’s a lot more reliable than BACS. This however means there is an additional fee generally around 1.5-2% for having this service Raising the prices of all of your products and services would be acceptable as the running cost of your business would have increased but charging… Read more »

Setting up stripe

Setting up stripe to take online payments with farrierweb    ♦ Go to and set an account up ♦ log into stripe and activate your stripe account (the link below explains all) ♦ go to “developer” down the left hand side ♦ Select “API key” from the dropdown ♦ Copy and paste the APi key… Read more »

Educational Essay Topic Tips

Nobody will figure out if teachers are poor in case the pupils can’t grade them. Having taken the practice exam, students will have a lot of questions during the rest of the moment. From there they could choose the quiz they want to review. Before you develop into an worldwide student it is important to… Read more »